Things that go unnoticed………

Ever wondered how many things go unnoticed? Yesterday while I was parking my car I noticed this flower peeping out of its bunch. I was surprised as I have been living here for past 1.5 years and it never caught my attention. They were a whole bunch, blue and lovely!  How come I missed it? Perhaps when you are living in your own thoughts, it leaves very little scope to notice such things. How overpowering our thoughts are that they close everything else for us, even the most obvious and visible… The moment I clicked it I started looking everywhere, what else is I have been missing all this time, what else has gone unnoticed? There was nothing else, besides a cat which roams around in compound of this building and which of course no one can ignore!


About Kiran Bala

Colors and Words is about capturing colors and giving some words to those colors. Simple pics, simple stories or no stories for that matter...something to capture a day, a moment, or random something...its about everything yet about nothing...just life in motion!
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One Response to Things that go unnoticed………

  1. Flower Girl says:

    great close up pic 🙂 really make the flower stand out more

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